Bin Rashid Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd

                 is the official Brand name of all products manufactured by Bin               Rashid Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd

Our Soaps Variety 

Our Liquids 

Our Washing Powders

Aloe Vera 
Red Rose
Pink Rose
Multi Purpose 
Drain Opener
Floor Cleaner
Jumbo Size 
Blue Liquid
Toilet Cleaner

We bring you the best quality and skin friendly soaps made with natural ingredients 

Express your love for her and for him with best quality French Fragrances made with Italian Aromas  

We ensure your clean home with high quality and effective cleaning material 

Our Perfumes 

We ensure the quality of your appearance and care of your apparels with best standard Greek Aroma and softeners  

For Men
For Women
For Women
For Men